Benjamin Fulford Exposed as Being MI-5 Cointel by Nsearch Radio

Sheesh! It’s really thick now…and it’s not the first time I’ve heard this, either.

Benjamin Fulford Exposed as being MI-5 Cointel by Nsearch Radio

Benjamin Fulford was exposed as working for British Intelligence earlier this year on 6/5/12 on Nsearch Radio. Benjamin Fulford was exposed by Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb’s sources as working for MI-5 directly for the Queen!  It took a little while to get the information but it finally did come back.

Benjamin’s Fulford’s Cointel job was to publish disinfo and tell everybody that the White Dragons Foundation was going to kill all the Illuminati banksters if they didn’t stop their evil.  He also bragged how his Billionaire friends in Japan were going to fund free energy but of course that never happened either!

Benjamin even had the gall to tell people that there was no radiation at all in Tokyo from Fukushima and that there was only some radiation in the Fukushima area!  This huge lie about radiation not being in Tokyo got Benjamin Fulford booted off the Jeff Rense program in fact!  How anybody believes a word that Benjamin Fulford says is really quite unbelievable once you look at his track record of lies and scams.

Here’s the show where Stew Webb outed Benjamin Fulford as being a disinfo agent for MI-5.  Forward to the 16:30 Mark when Stew Webb joined the show.

Comment: What a surprise. Benjamin Fulford will burn in Hell if he doesn’t repent.

Former US Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair works for Japanese gangsters

Sometimes you have to see things to believe them. Today, I got the name card of Dennis Blair, former US Director of National Intelligence (overseeing all US intelligence agencies) and former Commander in Chief of US Pacific Forces. It says he is now Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA. In other words, he works for Yohei Sasagawa, a man multiple Japanese Yakuza gangster sources have told this writer is a fellow gangster. Here is a link to a declassified CIA report about his father Ryoichi Sasagawa:,%20RYOICHI_0014.pdf

Here is a quote from a well-researched book about the Yakuza.

So there you have it, US top brass retiring into Yakuza fronts. Blair was speaking at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan where he dutifully rolled out the current Washington D.C. party line for the corporate propaganda press. This writer was repeatedly denied an opportunity to ask Blair a question so we will post our question here:

“Mr. Blair, you work for Yohei Sasagawa, a man who creates money out of thin air by fraudulently claiming it is backed by legendary treasures hidden in Indonesian and Philippine caves. Unfortunately your European allies and most of the rest of the world no longer believe the stories of Sasagawa and his fellow gangsters and are building an alternative financial system. My question to you is ‘at what point are you people going to accept reality and agree to renegotiate the international geopolitical and financial architecture to reflect current world demographic and economic reality?’”

My follow up question was to be “The United States Constitution clearly states that the power to create money belongs to the government of the people of the United States so at what point is the US military going to keep its oath to protect the constitution by nationalizing the Federal Reserve Board and freeing the American people from debt slavery?”

The fact I was denied the opportunity to ask these questions reminded me once again that one of the subtle tactics used by the cabal to control such staged events as press conferences is to make sure only reporters who follow the party line are allowed to ask questions.

In any case, listening to the party line as expressed by Blair did provide some important insights into what is happening to the regime in Washington D.C. and its Japanese slave subsidiary. The most important thing Blair said was

Comment: Watch out for Benjamin Fulford. He is very dangerous. However, I am more dangerous, as I am sent by God to warn people for eternal damnation. Hell is eternal, hell is eternal, hell is eternal…

Dragon Families against the Masons

Comment: Benjamin Fulford tries to define the Illuminati as the driving force behind American imperialism, while the first conspiracy theorists defined the Illuminati as the Globalists who want to destroy the West, America in particular. Would the Dragon Families be an improvement over the Masons? Would they ally with the Muslim Brotherhood, or compete?