Why don’t men cover their faces?


Image from Saudi Arabia

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We used to play at my aunt’s garden when we were younger…girls and boys, there was no difference… we grew up together… we used to race, play, laugh… sometimes we would fight playfully… we used to watch TV together… cry at the end of sad cartoons together… we grew a bit older… we began to study for our classes together… whenever we’d fight we used to threaten the other that we’d tell on them to the teacher… we used to play practical jokes on one another… we’d laugh with all our hearts…

And so the days went by…

My cousin and I are staring outside the window… we are looking at the garden where my male cousin and his friends are playing… this is the garden where we used to play together… they used to be our friends once upon a time… these are the boys we used to play with… what happened? Why are we prisoners at home, while they play ball outside with all freedom… what did we do? Did we grow older? Did our bodies change? Did we become an object of temptation that needs to be covered from people’s eyes? Aren’t those the boys we knew since we were children? What changed? Why are we strangers? Why do I run and hide whenever I hear one of their voices? Is it just because the pitch of his voice changed? Is that why we aren’t friends anymore? Are we supposed to act differently towards one another? Different to how we acted just yesterday? We started to act shy and anxious whenever we’d speak… we stopped playing with one another… My cousin and I began spending our spare time watching Mexican soap operas, as if we were in our 50s…

And so the days went by…

I am at school…we are learning about what a woman should cover… her hair is temptation… her eyebrows are temptation… I remembered my favorite male singer… his eyes were beautiful too… his hair is beautiful… why doesn’t he veil? I asked myself this question, however, I couldn’t find the answer… I remembered that I was banned from playing in the garden because I hit puberty… however, my male friends weren’t… didn’t they hit puberty too? Why weren’t they imprisoned at home? I also couldn’t find the answer…

And so the days went by…

I hear it all the time… “A woman is a jewel that needs to be protected (i.e. covered)”… and sometimes it is even said that a woman is like candy “if you remove the wrapper (i.e. the cover) the flies will swarm around her”… I turn on the TV and find that favorite male singer that I am so fond of brushing his soft silky hair and flaunting his handsomeness… his arms are bare… his chest is bare… why isn’t this object of temptation covered? Why isn’t he imprisoned at home? Why aren’t women tempted by him? Some might claim that a woman shouldn’t look at this… then shouldn’t men shield their gaze when looking at a tempting female “object”? I couldn’t find the answer…

And so the days went by…

I am at university… I see some people distributing a small religious book… “Temptations of a Woman”…Her hair… her feet… her eyes, and “thus, a woman must cover one of her eyes as both of them together are tempting”…I swear this is what I read in this book!… it’s as if there is nothing left in this world to talk about and scrutinize other than a woman and how she is a temptation…I decided to observe men’s looks…I wanted to know which women would attract men with her temptation… in front of me walks a woman wearing a tight Abaya (long black cover)… aha!.. I found her… she is an object of temptation… I continue watching… in front of me walks a woman with a baggy Abaya, however, with an uncovered face…the man stares at her… aha! So her face is also a temptation… a third woman walks in front of me… her face is covered and she is wearing a baggy Abaya from top to toe… the man is staring at her! Huh? I don’t understand… what is so tempting about a black Abaya? No eyes, no feet… What is this man staring at? At that moment I realized that clothing has nothing to do with it… men would stare on all occasions… however, he, with his broad shoulders and his hair, eyes and lips isn’t considered an object of temptation, even if all the women in the world started at him… he is a man…he shouldn’t hide in his home… no one calls him a jewel… at that moment I wished I wasn’t a jewel. I wished to be a free man…

And so the days went by…

I am in a Western country… women are walking around me…one is wearing pants… the other is wearing a short skirt…another wears shorts…men and women are walking side by side… it is strange… no one is staring… why don’t I see the looks of men I saw in my country? Those looks that made a woman feel naked… those looks that I hated… the ones that made me hate being on this earth, and hate being born a woman… those looks that deny me my humanity…why don’t I see those looks here? All the women are dressed up… why don’t I see those looks even though all the women are attractive here? I saw one women run and laugh… I remembered that I wasn’t allowed to run once I hit puberty… I remembered my aunt’s window… I remembered I was an object of temptation that must be covered… I remembered that a man in my country wears white, while I am covered in black… I asked myself, why don’t men wear black? Why don’t men cover their faces? And I couldn’t find the answer…

And so the days go by…

Comment: Covering your face in Europe is far more voluntary than wearing a headscarf. After all, a headscarf is enough to avoid rape, even (or especially) by non -Muslims. The woman in the picture looks more alluring than if she showed more of her skin. A leg in stockings often looks better than a nude leg. So it is not surprising even Muslim men admit covered women can be more attractive than uncovered ones. But that defeats the whole purpose…

Sexual selection: survival of the sickest

We Are All Clitless

By Ninja Turtle

Who knows how these things get started. The best I’ve heard is some professional football players let it be known they would only date girls that were clitless. And there’s always some girls who will do anything to date a star athlete.

More and more pro athletes picked up on this, and then it moved to Colleges and then eventually High School. And of course it spread from the athletes to others. There were always more girls getting clitorectomy than there were athletes to date. And so they dated others.

What really made it take off though was men, most men, came to prefer clitless girlfriends and wives. A significant percentage of men would only date clitless women. And many that would date both would insist on a clitorectomy before marriage.

This is a series of vignettes as society went through this change.

Dr. Cynthia Kraft

Business is booming and I feel very lucky to help so many women join the Sisterhood of the Clitless. Helping women eliminate all orgasms from their life has become one of the great joys of my work and my life.

I have a reputation as the best clitorectomy surgeon in the city. When a woman wants to make sure that she will never again feel any sexual stimulation, she comes to me.

Some doctors will perform an infibulation over a woman’s clit. They call this a reversible clitorectomy although it’s not even that as a woman can still become stimulated by rubbing the skin over the clit. I refuse to perform this surgery as I consider it morally wrong. When a woman decides to remove her clit, that needs to be a complete and permanent decision. There should be no going back.

For the same reason I refuse to proscribe local anesthetic so that a woman can numb her clit for a month to see if she prefers no stimulation. Temporary numbness is very different from knowing that stimulation and orgasms are forever gone. The month of numbness is not only not a good test, it is a false measure that can turn a woman away from a clitorectomy when she otherwise would choose to have one.

The women coming in generally fall into two groups. The first are women who have heard from friends, from news reports, from studies that clitless women live happier more productive lives. I love discussing the issue with these women because it is mostly reassuring them that they will be happier living an orgasm free life. A lot of this comes from my relating how I am happier clitless.

The second group are women who don’t want to lose their clit but need to do so to keep their boyfriend or to have a better chance of getting a boyfriend. These women are trading their orgasms for their man.

When I have one of the women on the table and am about to cut, I become incredibly aroused. My favorite are women around 25 years of age giving up their clit for their boyfriend. They are in the prime of their sexual activity and regularly have mind-blowing orgasms. And they are having me remove that ability with a cut of my knife. I love removing all their future orgasms with a cut of the knife. Immediately, completely, forever.

I talk to them as I perform the surgery, telling them as I cut around the clit. How I’m carefully getting every nerve to insure they will never feel anything. Then during the cauterizing I discuss how this insures that no nerves will ever regenerate, that any stimulation is gone forever.

Then comes the additional surgery. Virtually all patients choose to have the inner labia removed. Almost all request at least some infibulation. And about half request “the perfect” where all that is left is a small hole for pee to exit. I love creating the perfect because all that remains where their vagina was is a smooth surface of skin. They’ve not only removed their source of stimulation, they’ve removed all traces of their vagina.

Todd Flycroft III

Call me old fashioned but what I most appreciate about many women getting clitorectomy is it has brought back the curtsey. That’s a practice that where the lift of the skirt became shorter and shorter, and then finally disappeared all together.

But most often the first question a guy has when he meets a woman is “is she clitless, is she sealed?” And so the practice has returned where women perform a full curtsey when first meeting someone. They lift their skirt or dress fully exposing their panties.

If a woman is wearing full panties then she has a clit. If the panties are slightly low in the front exposing a scar, then she is clitless but is not sealed. If the panties are very low cut in front, exposing an unbroken expanse of skin, then she is partially sealed. And if they are so low cut that they basically disappear under her showing unbroken skin where you would normally see a vagina, then she is fully sealed.

I like this because the woman is presenting who she is to others when she first meets them. When a woman curtseys, she will often see a guy who was previously very interested in her lose all interest. On the flip side, sometimes she will see a guy who was paying her just polite interest suddenly become very interested in her.


The tips at the strip club follow what men really want. The big money goes to the girls who are fully sealed. Next to the girls with a half seal and the remaining tightly closed with fat lips pressing together. (We strippers knew this was the next big thing 4 years ago.)

I was first going to get infibulation over the clit. I like my clit. I like orgasms. So I figured close over it until I hit 25. And during that time I could still find ways to get my clit stimulated. But I went to Dr. Kraft and she explained to me that men weren’t just buying the look, they were buying the vibe given off. When a stripper spreads her legs showing a fully sealed, clitless vagina, she needs to exude the totally lack of sexual interest that the clitless sealed vagina represents.

I don’t know how she talked me into doing the real thing. I never wanted to give up orgasms. But I needed the tips and I was worried that half measures wouldn’t get it done. So I went with a complete clitorectomy. Dr. Kraft is right, no matter what you do there is no sexual arousal. I have lost that forever, just so I get tips when I spread my legs for a bunch of drunk horny men.

And I got the full seal. Even with my legs fully spread it is hard to see the little hole left. Dr. Kraft did a good job and it’s just bare, smooth skin where I used to have a pussy.

When I spread my legs and hear the men cheer over my complete loss of stimulation, my complete loss of womanhood, I cry inside. And yes, the men do see that I hate what I’ve done to my pussy and that drives them wild.

I sold a lifetime of sexual arousal and orgasm for better tips. Would you like me to spread my legs and show you?

Amber Whyte

I am a lesbian and I’m keeping my clit thank you. They pleasure I get from it when my partner is working my clit with her tongue is ecstatic. No way I’m giving that up. But I will only date women who are clitless.


For the same reason a man wants a clitless woman. So she is totally focused on my sexual pleasure. I give my partner love, affection, and attention. And she is very happy with that. But when I want sex, I just spread my legs and she then focuses on liking my clit, working it with all the tricks she received before her clitorectomy. And during it I love looking down at her eyes which are full of love, but show absolutely no hint of sexual excitement. It is incredibly arousing to have her working my clit knowing the same feelings are dead to her.

I do sometimes have my partners spread their legs and I kiss them down on the smooth skin of their seal. I’ll event tongue where the clit used to be as though I was getting them off. It’s an incredible turn on doing this because I look up at them and in their eyes you can see the depth of their loss. This brings home how the core of their femininity was cut out of them and replaced with a smooth expanse of skin.

And done so purely for my sexual convenience. For my sexual pleasure they are orgasm less for the rest of their life. I can almost climax just thinking about how much they have lost for my additional pleasure.

Shelia Rachet – RN

I have a secret. I regret my clitorectomy. Every day. I miss orgasming with my husband when we make love. I miss masturbating. I miss the joy of being partially aroused during the day. But I dare not tell anyone. If my husband knew, he would leave me. And if I mention it at work Dr. Kraft would fire me.

Why did I get a clitorectomy? Because my boyfriend wouldn’t marry me until I was clitless. Not only clitless, but fully sealed. He wanted a wife that he knew would be faithful, not only because I physically could not have sex, but because I would have no sexual attraction to any other man.

And he is right, when the clitoris is gone, the one emotion in a relationship is love. I have never felt any sexual interest of any kind after that day when my sexual stimulation was ripped from my body. My clit, my cunt which was the center of so much exquisite joy is now a featureless expanse of smooth skin that provides no arousal. In fact looking at it is painful because of what is used to be.

I counsel a lot of the women who come in, asking if the clitless life is for them. I always put a joyous smile on my face and tell them how much happier I am clitless. And I encourage them to fully embrace the clitless life by becoming fully sealed. How can I do this when I wish I had never had my own clitoris removed? Well if I can no longer enjoy stimulation, I want it taken from all other women too. When I’m smiling as I talk to them I’m smiling at the thought of another woman having all future orgasms ripped from her body. To have her beautiful, joyful, pleasure producing pussy replaced by a flat deadened expanse of skin.

I’m happiest when I am assisting Dr. Kraft and I see that scalpel make the final slice to remove the root of the clitoris from a woman’s vagina. That is the moment she has lost stimulation and orgasms for the rest of her life. At that moment I give the patient a gigantic smile and tell her welcome to the sisterhood of the clitless.

Jean Ambrose

As a High School counselor my days are a non-stop litany of the emotional peaks and valleys due to the hormones coursing through all the students. Every student has their unique problems but an awful lot are solved with the same two answers.

About half the time a boy is having issues, the core issue is their girlfriend. I counsel them to have their girlfriend get a clitorectomy and partially sealed (you will never sell a High School boy on a full seal as that means no intercourse). I explain how a clitless girlfriend will be fully focused on his sexual needs because she will no longer have any sexual desires.

For girls the core issue is a million different things. But again, often removing the girls clit, and all sexual stimulation will eliminate the issues she is facing. It removes a distraction, a constant interruption in her day, a constant up and down of her system. It frees her up to focus on what she wants to rather than what her body, her clit is driving her to.

I love when the girls come in to see me after their clitorectomy. I always ask them to hold their curtsey and as they do I tell them how beautiful they look. I love looking at their young vaginas, knowing that they will nevermore have an orgasm. That my guidance led them to a stimulation free life for now on.

That scar is what makes this job so fulfilling. Knowing I’ve introduced yet another young girl to the sisterhood of the clitless right as she was first blossoming into sexuality. Even more rewarding is when they come visit after a couple of years in College and when they curtsey I see they are fully sealed. Knowing these women have fully embraced their utter lack of sexual stimulation is incredibly rewarding.

Mrs. Todd Flycroft III

When I meet other women, I always do a full curtsey holding my skirt up as I directly look at each of the other women’s panties. If a woman doesn’t pull her skirt fully up or drops it immediately I stare directly at her until she fully pulls her skirt up so I can get a clear view of her pussy.

What does this tell me about another woman? A woman who still has her clit is a self-centered creature. An animal controlled by the sexual urges coursing through her veins driven by clit. She is a woman who will never be happy with her relationships, who will never make her partner happy. I’m not interested in spending time with a woman like this.

A woman who is clitless but has no infibulation is someone who is trying to retain her old clit-centered life. In this case I ask when they joined the sisterhood of the clitless. If it’s less than 6 months I’m encouraging and supportive. But if it is more than 6 months then this is a woman who cannot embrace who she is. She has removed her clit but retained the clit-centered drama in. Who needs that?

The more a pussy is sealed, the longer I stare. I do so obviously so that the other women know that I am interested in their sealed cunt. As a fellow sealed clitless sister, these are the women who have chosen a similar path through life to mine. These are women who I want to spend time with, be it over coffee or a girls night out – knowing that the conversation will never go into all the drama around relationships.

What’s most exciting is when a friend curtsies and we see that she has gone clitless. At that point all of us clitless sisters break into squeals of excitement and welcome her to the sisterhood. This also makes her feel better because at first you miss the orgasms and this helps reassure her that she is on the road to a happier life.

Susi Whyte

In my family the girls are locked in a chastity belt from when they first start puberty until they are 15. At 15 we are then asked if we want to go clitless. This way we have never had an orgasm, but get to wait until we are of age to decide.

When I turned 15 I couldn’t decide. So I asked them to keep me belted until I made up my mind. I remained belted, never having had a single orgasm until I was 18 and met Amber. I’d had relations with other girls before but Amber was the one. After a month I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

Amber had always dated clitless girls. But she made an exception for me because I was belted. I think she found it an interesting difference. And she came to fall in love with me. Eventually she proposed, but with a request.

Amber insisted that before we were married I needed to get a clitorectomy and become fully sealed. And more so, that I would get the one orgasm of my life just before my clitorectomy. Amber wanted me to know what I was giving up. And she wanted my only orgasm to be from her, to treasure the rest of my life.

The day of the operation we went to Dr. Kraft’s office and as agreed I first signed a release saying Dr. Kraft was to not listen to any verbal changes in my request. That the written request for a deep clitorectomy and a fully sealing was to be completed.

Amber and Dr. Kraft then belted me fully into the genealogical table and Dr. Kraft left the room. I was lying there totally naked and Amber started to kiss and nibble on my clit. For the first and only time I started to feel what sexual stimulation was all about.

She took her time and slowly took me up and down, getting close, then backing off, and then finally the orgasm came rolling in and I no longer was aware of what she was doing, just that waves of orgasm rolled over me. I found out later that it lasted over 15 minutes.

As Amber stood up she pressed a button and Dr. Kraft immediately walked in and within seconds was giving me painkiller shots. I was in a haze but the pain of the shots started to bring me back to earth. As I felt her pull my clit with the forceps I suddenly realized what I was giving up and weakly spoke “no, no, I want to keep it.”

Dr. Kraft smiled at me and then reached down with the scalpel and sliced away my womanhood. She told me my clit was gone. I kept struggling and saying “stop, stop” but she kept slicing with a joyous look on her face. Eventually she lifted up my clit and showed it to me. I could see the length of the root she had sliced out.

Part of me died at that moment. I had just experienced the most intense excitement of my life and I would never feel anything like it again. For the next 6 months I regretted my decisions. Deciding to stay belted, deciding to become clitless. Looking back while the choice was always mine, my family and then Amber had guided me to this state.

But as time went on I came to appreciate it. Having only orgasmed once made that orgasm with Amber a thing of joyous beauty. And being clitless and fully sealed keeps me focused on Amber’s sexual needs. And that makes our love and our relationship stronger.

I now am a volunteer counselor for girls considering a clitorectomy. I try to guide them as my family guided me, helping them reach their own decision but subtly setting them on the road to having their womanhood cut out. And after they have the surgery, when they are teary and regretful, I hug them and tell them that with time they will appreciate it. And welcome them to the sisterhood of the clitless.

John Rasmes

When I was first set up on a date with a clitless girl I almost backed out. But I enjoyed her. I really enjoyed how she focused on me. And knowing that she was incapable of sexual excitement was surprisingly liberating. It wasn’t until I dated Suzi that I realized how much of my focus on dating was on the sexual component. How do I interest a woman, how do I get her stimulated and do so in small enough steps that she doesn’t stop me, yet eventually get to sex.

At the end of our third week of dating I decided that I was flying blind here and asked her if sex was in the future. And if so, what was I supposed to do. That was when I learned of the first wonder of clitless girls. She said all I had to do was ask anytime and she would be happy to sexually stimulate me – in any way I preferred.

Clitless girls remember what they have given up and they compensate by providing sex to their partners most any time it is requested. And no foreplay is required, just a simple request.

And then when Suzi stripped and showed me what sealed meant – it was beautiful. That smooth expanse of skin, and how it represented Suzi’s permanent loss of orgasms was so arousing that I climaxed the first time I leaned in and kissed it. A woman’s cunt was an ugly gash by comparison.

Finally there is the dead look in a clitless woman’s eyes when you fuck her. Yes she is focused on me and I see love and caring in the eyes. But there is no look of sexual arousal or physical enjoyment. And that lack during sex makes the woman’s eyes look dead, soulless, empty. And knowing that all the feelings coursing through my body, building up and reaching a crescendo in an orgasm, all of that is forever gone for that women looking up at me as I cum.

I eventually broke up with Suzi and tried dating girls who still had their clits. But I found them self centered and I resented the effort I had to go through to see if it would lead to sex. And then when I had sex, I didn’t want to even look at the ugly gash between their legs.

I soon found I would only date clitless girls. And then only ones who had been at least partially sealed. And now I’ll only date girls who are fully sealed. They are the girls who have fully rejected even thinking of the orgasms they used to have.

But even the fully sealed girls, the ones who have fully embraced their new life, I can see a look of regret when, as I’m cuming, I place my cock against the small hole remaining in their cunt and squirt my semen into their cunt. For a couple of seconds it brings back what they gave up and I often will see a tear appear as I cum.

Buffy Witherspoon

I got accepted to Sigma Epsilon Chi. That’s the best sorority on campus! I’ll get to date all the super popular, super cute guys. I’ll be one of the most popular girls on campus and I’ll get a rich husband. But then I learned they have a requirement to join.

At the start of the initiation, as we’re lined up to become members, we’re told the first step in the ritual is to get a clitorectomy. A clitorectomy and to be fully sealed. We have to decide right then. The doctor is there.

I love orgasms. I loved having sex. Nothing is as beautiful, as wonderful, as wonderful as intense sex with a guy. Even my morning masturbation is a wonderful drawn out experience. I have three regular boyfriends and I love how they each make me feel.

So I make my decision. I trade away that pleasure, that sublime joy, to continue on the road to popularity, to a future of money and ease. I get up on the table and spread my legs.

As I see the doctor slice in I start to sob as I feel her cut out my clit. Each cut, each tug on the clit as she cuts it out, is tearing out part of my soul. Part of me, the most ecstatic part of me, is being permanently cut out of my body. Gone forever.

And then she cuts into the edge of my beautiful pussy. My pussy lips are pulled across and sewn together. I was so proud of my pretty pussy lips and now they’re being turned into a featureless flat expanse of skin.

And then it is done. I feel nothing down there because there is nothing down there. The essence of my being a woman is gone. I’m no longer a woman. And now that it’s too late I realize I’ve made a horrible mistake. Nothing is worth this.

“I want it back, Oh god I want my clit and pussy back” I sob out. My sorority sisters hug me and tell me it will be all right. That I’ll come to appreciate it.

Five Years Later

I still feel dead inside. Yes I have a rich husband. Yes my life is wonderful where I have anything I want and a group of good friends. And all the positives they talk about having a clitorectomy are true – the emotional part of my relationships is stronger and the drama is less.

Yet I remain dead inside without a clit. When is on top of me rubbing his cock against the skin where I used to have a pussy, and I cup his cock to make him cum there, I break out in sobs. It’s all gone, gone forever.

Rebecca Slanton

I am so looking forward to turning 16 and my celebration. Like most families nowadays at 16 I can get a clitorectomy if I want. If, as if I wouldn’t do it. My mother tried to talk me out of it but what does she know. She says I won’t care that the boys will then be interested in me – as if!

My daddy is taking me shopping for my celebration dress. I’ve always been so jealous at the celebrations at the attention the girl being celebrated gets. And now I’ll be the one getting the attention. And I am going to have the prettiest, fanciest, celebration dress ever.

The dresses look like almost like bridal gowns except they are cut up in the front and go across at the waist so my entire pussy is on display. Any other time I would never be allowed to wear a dress like this. Not even a slut would wear that. But at the celebration I want to wear this so everyone can tell me how beautiful I look as they see the I am clitless.

Daddy wants me to get panties to go with it. But I tell him no, that I am going bare down there so people can see everything. Suzi did that and they boys spent the whole party around here talking to her and telling her how beautiful she is. That is going to be so kewl.

But Daddy did buy me a bunch of new panties. I will get to throw out my little girl panties after the operation and will now wear big girl panties that show I am clitless when I curtsey. I’m going to be a big girls.

And I decided to get fully sealed. Daddy says that is called the perfection. Most girls just get the clit cut out when they turn 16. And the girls in College usually are partially sealed. But the most of the grownup women are fully sealed. And the dads pay a lot more attention to the girls that get fully sealed. I want all the daddies paying attention to me and telling me how beautiful I am. Especially Tommy’s dad.

One Month After

Oh my god it was wonderful. I was the queen at my celebration and everyone was staring at my seal. I was so beautiful in my dress and the open front allowed everyone to look close at the smooth skin where I used to have my kitty but now had nothing. Some of them even kneeled down trying to see the remaining hole – that made me feel so special.

Tommy’s dad gave me a beautiful gold pin of a seal smiling – it tells the world how beautiful I am down there. Pete who’s the school quarterback asked me out on a date. Pete! I felt so good as everyone complemented me on my beautiful perfection.

I understand now why the clitless girls don’t talk to the other girls. The girls who still have their clits spend all their time talking about boys and always seem to have problems. Who needs to talk to an immature drama queen. No, now I’m a member of the sisterhood of the clitless and spend my time with my sisters, especially those few that are fully sealed.

I sometimes miss the good feelings from my clit. And it still feels weird to reach down there and there’s… nothing. But now I’m a grownup!

Comment: Not just Islam threatens the clitoris of women.