“Watch this video. A European woman who speaks Arabic translates what the Muslim migrants were saying when they thought she didn’t understand their language. (thanks to Armaros)”

Finally, the mainstream (of anti-Muslims) is beginning to understand the REAL issue. Demanding that e.g. Turks give up their own language, like PEGIDA does, requires proof that Turks are up to no good, which in turn requires most Germans knowing Turkish, putting the horse behind the carriage.

Nieuw Rechts, a Dutch little party around 2003, demanded that mosques shouldn’t use Arabic in preaching. Same fallacy.

HOWEVER, Dutch prisons forbid speaking Turkish and Arabic, so it can be done in practice. They cannot say this in public, as this prison policy cannot defended using the prevailing ethical system of anti-racism.

…and above all Latin, Greek, and Hebrew

Models for Study in the Era of the Reformation:

Andreas Hyperius’ massive De theologo, seu de ratione studii theologiae carries on this model for theological study in vast detail. Hyperius understood theological study as a carefully constructed discipline but also as a spiritual or pious exercise, not merely a form of knowing or scientia, but also a wisdom, sapientia.

Study ought to be grounded in the recognition that “the fear of God is the beginning of knowledge (scientia)” (Prov. 1:7) and the student should “prepare [his] soul for the diligent reading of sacred letters” through prayer for personal humility and spiritual illumination. This piety is to be the foundation for a rigorous course of study.

Hyperius’ catalogue of the kinds of study “necessary” to theological training is daunting: grammar, logic, and rhetoric (the trivium), arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy (the quadrivium), philosophy, physics, ethics, politics, oeconomics, metaphysics, history, architecture, and agriculture, and above all Latin, Greek, and Hebrew.

In theology itself, he distinguishes a series of subdisciplines: Scripture and its interpretation, doctrine as gathered in the loci communes, and practice as identified in the history and governance of the church, its polity, worship, and preaching.

Comment: Finally. Someone who understands things. Now study your Arabic, people…



Terror Experts

Hell, you don’t need to know a word of Arabic to be considered a “Terror Expert”, just make up some credentials and degrees and your good to go.

Comment: Exactly. Without knowledge of Arabic, everything is a folly. Arabic (and Chinese) are necessary in the 21th century.

Islamophobia and Islamism


Both the rise of Islamophobia and the rise of Islamism have the same source: non-Muslims not knowing Arabic. If most non-Muslims would know Arabic, like most non-Muslims do know English, non-Muslims would be able to sort out the threatening Muslims(i.e. Islamists) from the non-threatening Muslims. Also, if most non-Muslims would have known Arabic, it would have been very hard for Islamists to take power. For obvious reasons, defeating or even exterminating ALL Muslims would make knowing Arabic even more necessary. So ALL people will have to learn Arabic anyway.

Note: Geert Wilders and Erdoğan agree that moderate Islam does not exist.