STDs and sensitivity

STDs are mainly found among the poor, because malnutrition weakens the immune system. Poor people in the USA are less likely to be circumcised, poor people in the EU are more likely to be circumcised (Hispanic v.s. Muslim immigrants). So STD statistics can be misleading.

Common sense tells us that both reduction of STDs and loss of sensation are likely if thin, moist, but highly enervated skin is removed. So both sides tweak science if they deny either.

Note: Many adherents of Dual Seedline Christian Identity also believe in ritual circumcision.

Alex Jones Promotes White Genocide

The obese and presumably drug-addled shill Alex Jones has begun speaking up against the anti-White agenda on a more and more regular basis, being pressured by us in the real truth movement to address the actual problems in society.

Interestingly, though not entirely surprisingly, Jones is also openly promoting the genocide of the White race through his News-Babe Lee Ann McAdoo, who is involved in a romantic relationship with an ape.

The ape in question is a certain Valin Zamarron from the Austin-based rap group Zeale, and from what I can gather, this has been a long-term affair, probably going back to before Alex hired her.

If Alex was truly willing to stand up for the preservation of the White race, as he has recently indicated, why then does he openly endorse the genocide of our people by promoting a race-mixing whore as some type of informational authority?

Will Alex answer these questions we have?

Will he ever provide evidence for his deranged theories about millions of Jews being gassed by Adolf Hitler for no reason?  How about his theories about the government secretly spraying people and themselves with “chemtrails” for no reason?

Will he ever explain why he is married to a Jewess, and purposefully created Jewish children?

Will he ever reinstate his former policy of letting those who disagree with him go to the front of the call-in line, so as I may confront him on these issues and more?

Comment: Again, proof that Conspiracism (Alex Jones) and White Nationalism/Supremacism(Andrew Anglin) aren’t fully congruent. An even more egregious example is of course Benjamin Fulford.

Whose Views Are Too Extreme for the Classroom?

A religious-studies instructor at Missouri State University who invited a former Ku Klux Klan leader to speak to his class two years ago is drawing scrutiny after that same man became the sole suspect in shootings that killed three people at Jewish centers in the Kansas City area on Sunday.

The instructor, David Embree, defended his decision in a statement released on Monday, saying that he wanted to educate his students on white supremacist worldviews.

The man who spoke to students in Mr. Embree’s course, Frazier Glenn Cross Jr., of Aurora, Mo., is a former “grand dragon” of a branch of the Ku Klux Klan and has a history of expressing anti-Semitic and racist views, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups. Mr. Cross, who is also known as Frazier Glenn Miller, is accused of killing three people at a Jewish community center and a retirement center in Overland Park, Kan., on Sunday, the day before the start of the Jewish holiday of Passover.

The revelation that Mr. Cross had been asked to speak to Missouri State students was first reported by BuzzFeed.

Mr. Embree said speakers like Mr. Cross help students grasp the danger of hateful worldviews. But others said that such classroom appearances can legitimize fringe views and endanger students.

In his statement, Mr. Embree said Mr. Cross yelled at his 12-person class, praised violence, and used racial slurs.

Mr. Cross described his visit in a January 10, 2012, posting on Vanguard News Network, an online forum whose slogan reads “No Jews. Just Right.” He refers to the students using multiple slurs, and writes that the visit made him feel “absolutely TERRIFIC and CONFIDENT, even braggadocious.”

Mr. Embree said the classroom visit spurred his students to warn others about the dangers of white-supremacist philosophies.

“I know that the ‘nice’ students I tend to get would not believe what their textbook or I told them about the hatred and venom of these groups unless they encountered one of them,” he said in his statement. He added that he had warned students in advance about what they might hear.

‘A Platform to Glorify the Hatred’

Karen Aroesty, the St. Louis regional director for the Anti-Defamation League, said there are better ways to teach about white supremacy, like using multimedia tools or inviting experts who have studied the subject firsthand, that do not “provide a platform to glorify the hatred.”

“It legitimizes him,” Ms. Aroesty said of inviting such a speaker to talk at a state university. “Feeding that ego can be very dangerous.”

The news that Mr. Cross had shared his anti-Semitic views with students “left me queasy,” she added.

Since Mr. Cross’s visit, Mr. Embree said, he has rejected requests from other white-supremacist groups to speak to his students.

“After feeling the full emotional impact of [Mr. Cross’s] presence, offers by others who called him a ‘poser’ had/have no appeal to me,” Mr. Embree wrote in an email on Monday. “He was enough. Even without the events of yesterday, I would never have invited him back.”

Mr. Embree said he still grapples with the question of whose views are too violent or extreme for a classroom.

“In New Religions classes, should we only invite in the benign ‘New Agers’ to present their worldview,” he asked, “or should we include Satanists or the hard-core Nation of Islam as well?”

Missouri State officials did not respond to a request for comment.

Don’t even think of nuking Mecca!!!


Nuking Mecca is expressly forbidden, according to my religious views. Even fancying the thought will lead to eternal damnation.

Voluntary euthanasia of people is morally acceptable, so people who consider any euthanasia intrinsically wrong will be damned as well. Ironically, involuntary euthanasia would pose less of a problem for most religions, who fear that allowing suicide would lead to everybody killing themselves in order to get in Heaven.


Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal…


How to deal with enemies…

Create a conlang with a few trusted friends. Or learn languages with a few trusted friends. Do not tell others that you know these languages. Analyse target society. Discretely neutralize the worst elements.

Do not run around and yell and scream that the WHOLE target society sucks. Not even on teh interwebs. That is spreading HATE and hate has consequences, as we all know well.

That is how Antifa does it:

1) A group of people learns languages in public education (learning their own languages at home or at specialized schools)
2) Analyses outsider society
3) Discretely neutralizes the worst outsiders (i.e. “fascists”)

Anything else will result in Epic Fail.

Final note:

Hell is eternal. Only my religion allows euthanasia. Abortion and pornography can only be allowed if euthanasia is allowed as well.

Swedish Antifa openly Zionist

In Swedish, the genocidal traitors have written: "fascism is not an opinion, but it is a crime". In other words, these gender-neutral Marxists would like to make it illegal to oppose the Jewish-led occupation and genocide against the Swedish people.

In Swedish, the genocidal traitors have written: “fascism is not an opinion, but it is a crime”. In other words, these gender-neutral Marxists would like to make it illegal to oppose the Jewish-led occupation and genocide against the Swedish people. If the punishment for this supposed crime would lead to jail, or torture and Kosher-slaughter in gulags, remains unclear.

Comment: This merits special attention.