Should imbeciles be beaten to death?

Islamophobia in the heartland. Not so bright Neo-Nazis spray-painted hateful messages on a Hindu Temple and Cultural Center.

What’s that about Islamophobia having nothing to do with race again?

My Northwest, By Chelsea Hawkins

It’s not often you see a Lutheran pastor standing in front of a golden Ganesha. But that’s the scene as Christian, Sikh and Muslim leaders stand alongside Hindus in a united front against hate.

“The core value of all faiths and the core value of being an American is about love and care and tolerance,” says Reverend Paul Benz of the Faith Action Network.

Recent acts of vandalism at the Hindu Temple and Cultural Center and Skyview Junior High School in Bothell have members of the community concerned. The Hindu Temple was tagged with a swastika and the message “Get out.” Over at the junior high school a message read, “Get out Muslims.”

Comment: Keeping imbeciles on a short leash is one of the tasks we still need Antifa for. It is highly unethical to attack people without sufficient proof. That is why we should implement eugenics by teaching Arabic and Chinese, instead of all other subjects, on elementary schools and high schools and beating to death children who do not get ahead. This beating should happen before the very eyes of the parents. Only this will teach people to think before they act.

Pundits teach young Hindus Sanskrit. Imams teach young Muslims Arabic. Rabbis teach young Jews Hebrew. However, priests do not teach young Catholics Latin, and reverends do not teach young Protestants Greek. Christian clerics keep their flock stupid, leading to imbecilic vandalism as noted above.

I am beginning to think that eradication of Christianity is necessary before any action against Jews, Muslims and other religious groups could be justified. The stupidity caused by Christianity is pernicious. I do not mince words, Christians should have their arms chopped off and their eyes gouged out, and pointed out to them that Christianity forbids euthanasia. Remind them that the Antichrist would behead them, like ISIS does.

Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal…

Forced assimilation doesn’t work

There is a historical precedent of a Western government having fallen to Islamic invasion and occupation, then that Western government over a long period of time finally retaking their land back from the Muslims — the Reconquista finalized in 1492 — after which they initiated mass deportation of Muslims along with a process of ferreting out Muslims who had eluded the initial dragnet (this rational process demonized by our PC MC mainstream as the dastardly Inquisition), and as part of this overall process, an acceptance of those Muslims who apostasized and converted to Christianity.

Then, years later, guess what happened: innumerable numbers of those seeming ex-Muslim apostates fomented a violent rebellion so fierce and troublesome, it forced the king of Spain at the time to divert needed men and materiel from the most exigent problem of Muslim attacks in the Mediterranean, just to quell this rebellion. Given the astronomic “asymmetry” that modern technology makes possible, for individuals and cells to get their hands on WMDs of various types (chemical, biological, nuclear) and given the horrific destruction and casualties such WMDs can cause, it would be irrational not to at least keep all apostates under unusually close surveillance for an indefinite time (i.e., forever).

Comment: Not just applicable to Muslims. What does work is constantly warning your enemies of eternal damnation in order to chip away at their morale, as well as keeping the linguistic upper hand, so the information flow will be in your favor. You knowing more of them, than they know of you. Erlik sonsuz, Erlik sonsuz, Erlik sonsuz…

STDs and sensitivity

STDs are mainly found among the poor, because malnutrition weakens the immune system. Poor people in the USA are less likely to be circumcised, poor people in the EU are more likely to be circumcised (Hispanic v.s. Muslim immigrants). So STD statistics can be misleading.

Common sense tells us that both reduction of STDs and loss of sensation are likely if thin, moist, but highly enervated skin is removed. So both sides tweak science if they deny either.

Note: Many adherents of Dual Seedline Christian Identity also believe in ritual circumcision.

Don’t even think of nuking Mecca!!!


Nuking Mecca is expressly forbidden, according to my religious views. Even fancying the thought will lead to eternal damnation.

Voluntary euthanasia of people is morally acceptable, so people who consider any euthanasia intrinsically wrong will be damned as well. Ironically, involuntary euthanasia would pose less of a problem for most religions, who fear that allowing suicide would lead to everybody killing themselves in order to get in Heaven.


Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal…


Canaanite child sacrifice and euthanasia

We read in the Bible that the Canaanites sacrificed their children, as well as ran around naked, and engaged in sodomy. The Canaanites are not accused of euthanizing their elderly. This can mean two things. Either they didn’t euthanize, or the Bible doesn’t have a problem with euthanasia. In the first case we see that these values inevitably lead to a screwed up demography. And not just that. Abortion is far more at odds with the Golden Rule than is euthanasia. If the fetus is not human, if the fetus is a parasite, then the elderly suffering from dementia are doubly so. Abortion is always without consent of the fetus, while euthanasia can be consensual. Everybody agrees that the Golden Rule doesn’t apply to those who break it. Conservatives believe murderers deserve the death penalty. Liberals believe fascists deserve a beating by antifascists. This solves the question how to square the demands of large families (no abortion) with the demand not to attack your neighbours (large families can require wars of aggression). Both people who consider abortion not as bad as euthanasia and people who consider euthanasia a less important right than abortion are highly immoral. They are either cowardly or oversexed (or both). If anyone qualifies for conquest and genocide, it is them.

If the Bible doesn’t have a problem with euthanasia (possible if we see the cases of Abimelech and Samson, supported by the fact that the Old Testament is rather vague about the Afterlife), it is obvious that the Bible agrees with me.