Hagyják békén a gyerekeinket!

Háromszor halálosabb az oltás a gyerekekre, mint maga a koronavírus egy kimutatás szerint, ezért a Mi Hazánk Mozgalom azt üzeni Orbán Viktornak: „Hagyják békén a gyerekeinket!”

Aki felnőttként úgy érzi, hogy rá fertőzésveszélyt jelenthet egy oltatlan személy, az önmagát beoltathatja. Mindenki dönthessen a maga sorsáról, ne diszkriminálják a másként gondolkozókat! A Mi Hazánk tiltakozik az oltás lehetőségével nem élők hátrányos megkülönböztetése ellen, így a bizonyos szolgáltatások oltási könyvhöz kötése ellen is.

Ne legyen kötelező a védettségi igazolvány!

Írd alá, ha egyetértesz!


Impose Esperanto

Therefore, Esperanto

It seems the world is dominated by the US and the Anglosphere proxies (can add Japan to this) with a rising China (and maybe Russia) as the only rival. Is there a way to transform the EU into a powerhouse?

Turbo-Alarm genocydalny

W przyszłości trzeba będzie znaleźć sposób na zmniejszenie populacji. Zaczniemy od ludzi starych, ponieważ gdy tylko przekroczą oni 60-65 lat, żyją dłużej niż produkują i drogo kosztują społeczeństwo. Potem zajmiemy się słabymi, następnie bezużytecznymi, którzy nic nie wnoszą do społeczeństwa, bo zawsze będzie ich coraz to więcej, a co najważniejsze, na końcu zabierzemy się za głupich. Pozbędziemy się ich, każąc im myśleć, że to dla ich własnego dobra. Nie będziemy w stanie przeprowadzać testów na inteligencję w stosunku do milionów ludzi, to nie jest możliwe! Znajdziemy coś lub spowodujemy coś; pandemię, która dotknie pewne warstwy społeczeństwa; prawdziwy lub nieprawdziwy kryzys gospodarczy; wirus, który uderzy w ludzi starych czy dorosłych – to nie ma znaczenia; słabi ulegną, bojaźliwi i głupi uwierzą we wszystko i będą prosić o wyleczenie ich. Zadbamy o to, aby zaplanować leczenie – leczenie, które stanie się rozwiązaniem (problemu). Selekcja idiotów dokona się więc samoczynnie: pójdą do rzeźni z własnej woli. —

Jacques Attali


In English

When it comes to antisemitism in the West, there is a Muslim exception.
Imam Abdul Alim Musa (born Clarence Reams) has been making outrageous antisemitic statements for decades. In 2007 he said, “Who ran the slave trade … who funded [it]? You’ll study and you will find out: the Jews … It was the Jewish bankers … in Vienna, with pockets full of money, funding and insuring, that’s who did it … you can’t tell us about no holocaust. Between the African Americans and the Native Americans, everybody else’s stuff was small potatoes.”

At the University of Washington in the 1990s he told students that “Yahuds are the enemy of humanity.”

Yet he remains the Director of Masjid Al-Islam in Washington D.C. His mosque brags that “For several years, we have maintained our principles of self-determination, moral and spiritual development, establishment of healthy family life, and uncompromising outspokenness against the injustices perpetrated locally and globally by Zionists and imperialistic governments.”

The people who claim to be against antisemitism from the Left have nothing bad to say about Alim Musa’s antisemitism – or the fact that he has a pulpit in the nation’s capital. The media doesn’t condemn him. He’s a black Muslim and therefore he is untouchable.

In a recent rant, Musa said – in English:

After a short period of being a Muslim, we had realized who our main enemy was, and we knew from jump street that our main enemy were Zionists. The main enemy of Islam were Zionists. So therefore, we not only had to go up against the Americans, who were servants of Zionism.
America has been taken over by the Zionists, and yesterday, when they [were] getting ready to meet, right? With old… whatever his name is… this man [is] getting old already… 78 years old, good God… he ain’t got too much older to get before he leave…
Then, they have the bombing. They want to go in and talk to him at that time, what do they want to say to him? ‘Look, we don’t want to, we told you we don’t want you to do anything with Iran.’ Just because you tell the world you’re going to do this with Iran, do that with Iran… and we don’t want you to do it. To show you how we feel about it, we gonna blow up a whole crew of your soldiers in front of everybody, and in front of the public. You can’t do nothing about it. Why, they couldn’t do nothing about 9/11 right? Don’t they have history of people standing on buildings, cheering while 9/11 goes off? Who are those people? They are Zionists.
The Zionists are telling us what to do, the Zionists put the big tall guy… you know, what’s his name… head of the FBI. They do what they want. Donald Trump’s best friend is a Zionist, they are friends… [but] they are not his friends, right? Don’t they manipulate, and they control him? 100%. What was Trump’s job? We said it here, years before it happened.
First, we said his job is to destroy the Republican Party. Remember that? Then, we said Donald’s job is to destroy America, to make it super weak. If America is super weak ideologically, and the Zionists are strong, that little old group of people can control him. Why? You see it everyday, why. What is it, Pegasus [spyware] this and that… They got something on the whole Congress, and there ain’t no white man that lived a moral life in the United States. I mean, there’s probably one or so… But them, right? Tell the truth! So, the Zionist got them all by their body parts, they got them all! They have to cooperate, let me try to explain that again. The Zionists control Congress, the Zionists control Senate, the Zionists control economy, the Zionists run America.

Muslims, especially Black Muslims, are allowed to hate Jews. In fact, it is expected. And the media is afraid to treat them the way they treat right-wing white antisemites who say the same things.

Source: Elder of Ziyon

Doggie, doggie…

swinging their dicks

Okay, firstly this is a throwaway account for obvious reasons. Secondly, I’m well aware about all the moral shit attached to this but honestly I just wanted to get this off my chest and Infact, my two dogs just love to lick me up. And their tongues just feel so good.

So I have 2 female dogs- a big retriever and a small shih tzu. I remember one day I was home alone in my gym shorts and just lying on the floor with my dogs . I was on a call. Suddenly I felt fur against my inner thigh and some sniffing near my pussy. It turned me on so bad, and when I looked, it was my golden retriever. I cut the call, and pulled my shorts and underwear to one side and let her have a good sniff. To my surprise, her huge tongue lapped up my entire pussy and ass in one stroke- it gave me shivers. Then my shih tzu started getting excited too and she legit fought with my big dog to get her chance to lick me up. Her licking was even better because her little tongue flicked so fast on my now very VERY wet pussy. I would moan softly and touch my clit- the small one followed my lead and started playing with my clit and oh, I came right there. At one point I had one dog licking my arse and the other one licking my pussy. And I was in heaven. I came so hard, and as I was in he middle of the climax both the dogs got excited and started licking my face and wagging their tails. It felt so good, that I didnt process how wrong it was. But personally, it definitely didn’t feel like animal abuse or me forcing myself on them. They had a natural curiosity and I love them dearly.

So basically this became a very frequent thing. Everytime I had an urge or was home alone, I would lie on the floor and the dogs would run towards my pussy and lick me up till I came. I’ve done it in my parents room, in my study, in my bedroom – you name it. Sometimes when I’m alone with the retriever, I pull my pants down and bend over slightly for her to lick me up just a little. She loves it. They both get jealous of one another and fight to get my pussy. It’s adorable. Ik this sounds fucked up, but I really really love their tongues.

Source: the dark corners of the net…

Alt-right kopstuk: we hadden de Taliban moeten steunen

Volgens Volgens het Amerikaanse alt-right kopstuk Nick Fuentes heeft de VS de afgelopen 20 jaar de verkeerde partij gesteund in Afghanistan. De Taliban gaan abortus, vaccinaties en homohuwelijken verbieden, dus waarom zijn conservatieven eigenlijk tegen die lui? Goede vraag, want dit is precies wat de SGP ook wil. Misschien kan Kees van der Staaij hier even antwoord op geven. Amerikaanse alt-right kopstuk Nick Fuentes heeft de VS de afgelopen 20 jaar de verkeerde partij gesteund in Afghanistan. De Taliban gaan abortus, vaccinaties en homohuwelijken verbieden, dus waarom zijn conservatieven eigenlijk tegen die lui? Goede vraag, want dit is precies wat de SGP ook wil. Misschien kan Kees van der Staaij hier even antwoord op geven.