Ectoplasmic manifestation

David Icke interviews the horror-drowned woman without understanding the mechanics of Reptilian possession. True shapeshifting is gruesome and rare, a South American rumor. However, ectoplasmic manifestion is a common paranormal phenomenon.

5th Density beings regularly manifest complete bodies for themselves, with great variability of form. 4th Density beings are much more limited. Often paranormals use a living human as a source of vital energy to generate ectoplasmic constructs. This is what occurs in the apparent “shapeshifting” that Wilder witnesses during human sacrifices.

The Earth is neither hollow nor solid, but a honeycomb. Dimensionally-phased vimanas can fly straight through rock, and carve great tunnels of smooth densified walls at comfortable cruising speed. The lithosphere is the natural redoubt of intelligent life, safe from the vicissitudes that surfacers suffer, sheltered by nothing but thin air.

In certain Reptilian deep subterranean bases, many Negative 4th Density Reptilians float in transparent biogel tubes, while their dark spirits go forth to trouble the minds of men. “Possessed” Illuminati elites have a Reptilian assigned to them full-time.

Probably this task is low-ranking, which is why even the Queen of England transforms into an unassuming brown beast, rather than a royal White, for example. Reptilians are obsessed with status and royalty, and a royal White Reptilian does live in the Queen’s palace, in a dimension just out of sight. But she lives in luxury, feasting on the hearts of hybrid children, not floating in a darkened tube.

When a scheduled Illuminati ritual occurs, a Reptilian shaman sacrifices a human slave before the biogel tanks, in synchronization with the surface ritual. This creates a dark portal, through which the shaman may step to the surface. It also transmits energy, allowing the floater Reptilian to “shapeshift” the possessed, building an ectoplasmic Reptilian body around the human host in an instant. This body is not biologically logical; such constructions do not need to be. Its only purpose is to facilitate the energy vampirism of the ritual, as the Reptilian rips and devours the blood and organs of the victim.

(Ectoplasm is not really the right term; I use it as analogy to establish the concept of manifesting temporary matter by spiritual energy.)

At this time, the Reptilian can be photographed as a monster, and his teeth and claws are quite real. At other times, the possessed merely shows flashes of Reptilian influence. These are not visible on camera, but only in the mind of the acute perceiver, whose latent psi abilities reveal the Reptilian presence riding a human mind. This is why people often claim to see a flash of Reptilian eyes in an evil elite’s face.

This crude trick of transformation is nothing special. Positive Sasquatch, our long-suffering nature ally, can take the form of Brother Wolf, Brother Bear and Brother Elk at will. These kind 5th Density shamans put Reptilian tricks to shame, and crush them in combat. Humans will be even more powerful, once we ascend – something Reptilians very much wish to prevent.

Bigfoot – Patterson/Gimlin Film | Stabilized | 10/20/1967

Reptilians rarely visit Earth’s surface in our dimension; the proliferation of cameras has rendered doing so impractical. Reptilians can fool the human eye through psi mimicry, because humans are programmed to be easily duped by psi mimicry, so that our “gods” may walk among us. But psi doesn’t affect cameras.

Secrecy and lies are essential to the Negative agenda. The USA, having lost its faith in God, surrendered to a bluff, believing Hell stronger than Heaven. Butchered children pay the price.

Now you know why the Illuminati insists on calling the rest of us cattle: Projection. Their gnosis is nothing more than Reptilian shamanic nonsense, like a goatherd’s signals to his herd.


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