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I’m making this site to argue against the modern pathologization of the male attraction and preference for young adolescent girls about 12-16 years old (teen schoolgirls, Lolitas, jailbait etc). I like to call this preference adolescentophilia. Due to the taboos over minor attraction many sexologists today aren’t objective about this subject and have been too eager to interpret data as evidence that adolescentophilia is biological maladaptive and abnormal. I aim to convince the reader that it’s biologically normal and evolutionary adaptive for men to find girls on the verge of reproductive age highly attractive.

Anticipated questions and comments

-I notice you’re not using the hebephilia (approx 11-14) and ephebophilia (approx 15-17) age categories. Why is this?

Because they’re stupid and artificial. I prefer to use the category “adolescent” meaning girls about 12-16. I think this is a more natural category and is close to how the word “adolescent” is used in primatology: females between the onset of puberty and their first birth.

-You’re making this site because you’re a predator. You want to lower the age of consent to 12 so you can molest little girls, don’t you?

Not really. I want to avoid any social and ethical issues about what the age of consent should be etc. Although there may be certain reasons for it to be illegal for men to have sex with young adolescent girls I believe it’s perfectly normal for men to find them highly attractive. What I’m arguing for is the acceptance of the normality of the male attraction to young adolescent girls not the lowering of the age of consent. Better understanding of male sexuality will in fact help us to prevent sexual abuse and rape.

-But you said you’re going to argue it’s adaptive for men to prefer adolescent girls. That must mean you think it should be legal to have sex with them.

No. Arguing that something is evolutionarily adaptive is not the same as arguing that it’s moral or should be legal. If you can’t separate those two things then maybe you shouldn’t read any further and should try reading up on the naturalistic and moralistic fallacies. If you can then please carry on.

-Who’s that girl in the header?

It’s 13 year old Jaroslava Schallerová from the film “Valerie and Her Week of Wonders”. It’s a film made in the 60s when it was still acceptable to appreciate the beauty of adolescent girls.

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