They rape…

I think the Maxwell-Epstein story is utter bunk. Half the world watches porn films from companies that have been sued for manipulating and enticing women with false cover. Talk about hypocrisy. It’s right there, in the mainstream. What has anyone done about it!? Half the internet makes money off it, and half the readers here consume it.

Then everyone gets on their high horse about Maxwell-Epstein because they are Jewish and its was a brilliant operation honoring the intelligence and hardiness of the Jewish people!?? Why not expose real rapists? The culture of rape in rap music and among Muslims, and even low class rednecks with their meth addiction?

I mean operations like “Casting Couch” or what not, have been served million dollar penalties in civil lawsuits, because for reasons no one wants to go into criminal charges are never served by the Feds (geez, why would that be), and is someone here gonna stop watching them?? Oh, but you’re not accomplices.

Aside from the intelligence aspect to Maxwell-Epstein, this is another Harvey Weinstein. Half the sluts in Hollywood jump into bed with him, and then turn around and call him a rapist when he’s down and out. Maxwell is not a grooming scandal like the UK, where dirty Pakis kidnapped White children (8 years old!) and sodomized them. There’s a story that is beyond the pale since its very telling is tantamount to incitement. I’ll be called a Jewish pig for defending “my own.”

Actually, I see no Jews defending Epstein-Maxwell. I see no one defending them. Too bad, because I think the truth is on our side on this one. I guess I’m a kosher pig!

Maxwell didn’t rape anyone. Nor did Epstein. To call it rape is to hitch your wagon to the “date rape” Uni-Karen mania of accusing sports jocks of “raping them” after she wakes up with a hang-over with Chuck in her bed. It’s not rape. It’s a fat hag advertising her worthlessness to school authorities.

Rape is when a Black guy handles a petite woman like a rag-doll and beats her within a breath of death while ripping up her unlubricated organs. The details are given to give readers the idea of the pain and damage this does. The Black or Hispanic or Arab animal then gets off scot-free in half the European/American world due to aggravating circumstances where this kind of “rape” is beyond public scrutiny, leaving its largely White victims out on a suicidal limb.

Nor was it pedophilia. Unless you’re not strangling the individual, and if they are 14 and their parents are ok with it – which is the case in every instance we’ve heard so far – then the term pedophilia is inappropriate. The parents of Maxwell-Epstein “victims” were always informed, and trafficked their teen kids. They are not victims in this case. They were accomplices. In half the country marriage age is set at 16. Two states allow it at age 14 (Alaska and North Carolina). Three more at 15. So how do you square that with some of these charges?

In the other half of the country consensual sex between two under aged individuals leads to a life time charge of pedophelia for the man. Between a rock and a hard place? Sanity tells us, Maxwell-Epstein was far more contrived, more careful, and skirted the law, without breaking it, or if breaking it, with consent of parents who bear legal responsibility. It’s called parental neglect and used to carry a charge. Human trafficking is huge across the country, with the Feds doing nothing against it, since it hits poor communities, both White and of color. Rappers rap about it all the time. They glorify it. People have never boycotted their work. They don’t even talk about it. I think real rape is a problem.

This story is based on the general tendency of the masses to pry into the sex lives of the rich and famous, and seethe with jealousy that they can buy their way into something normal people can’t. Its a story that tests societies mores. A successful entrapment operation, where troves of videos of high profile individuals, many of which are perfectly legal might someday see the day of light. There’s also a beautiful romance between Epstein and Maxwell.


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