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Matteo Salvini and Steve Bannon both support the initiative of British activist Benjamin Harnwell, the Dignitatis Humanae Institute (DHI), based in an eight-century monastery near Rome. Harnwell was in a previous life political assistant to Nirj Deva, MEP for the British Conservatives, and is a board member of the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM), a partnership of Christian parties. According to Harnwell, DHI was founded in response to the criticism in 2004 of the candidacy of Italian politician Rocco Buttiglione as vice-president of the European Commission. Buttiglione, who sees homosexuality as a sin, eventually retreated.

The institute typifies itself as a Catholic NGO and lobbies particularly within the European Parliament to “promote authentic human dignity, mainly by supporting Christians in public life, by helping them to present effective and coherent responses to increasing efforts to silence the Christian voice in public space “, according to their objective. In practice this mainly means emphasizing the “defending of the Jewish-Christian West”. A well-known extreme-right starting point, where DHI-director Harnwell on his Twitter account stands out in no uncertain terms: “Promoting human dignity based on the recognition that Man is made in the image and likeness of God – the anthropological foundation of the Judaeo-Christian West “. From this view of the world it is not surprising that Harnwell invites notorious fascists such as Bannon to speak at the annual conference organized by DHI. Cardinal Burke is chairman of the advisory board of Harnwell’s institute.

Steve Bannon, who addressed the guests of the DHI conference at the Vatican in 2014, is working hard to create a monster alliance between extreme right-wing parties like UKIP and Front National, and Orthodox Christian organizations. The reactionary objectives of both movements overlap: against Islam and migrants, against abortion and self-determination, and for traditional values ​​such as the marriage between husband and wife and large families.

Especially in recent years, anti-Semitism has seeped in from their conspirative world view, a hatred of Jews that has had centuries-old papers from an ecclesiastical point of view. The political and religious extremists view the world from an apocalyptic view: good against evil, white against black, God against the devil. The end of time is near: the end of Western civilization. The influence of Islam, the gay movement (the “pink terror”, as the extreme right calls the LGBTI movement nowadays), the “cultural marxism” of the 68-ers, and the progressive elite that Europe would govern, are the cause. Bannon put it at the Vatican in 2014 as follows: “And I would like to ask everyone in the audience today, because you are the real thinkers in today’s Catholic Church, to think about what people will think about in 500 years the actions you’ve taken … ask yourself what they’re going to say about you over 500 years? What are they going to say about what I did in the early stages of this crisis? “

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