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Fajia (Chinese法家pinyinFǎjiā)[2] or Legalism is one of Sima Tan‘s six classical schools of thought in Chinese philosophy.[3] Roughly meaning “house of Fa” (administrative “methods” or “standards”),[4] the “school” (term) represents some several branches of realistic statesmen[5] or “men of methods” (fashu zishi)[6] foundational for the traditional Chinese bureaucratic empire.[7] Compared with Machiavelli,[8] it has often been considered in the Western world as akin to the Realpolitikal thought of ancient China.[9] Largely ignoring morality or questions on how a society ideally should function, they examined contemporary government; emphasizing a realistic consolidation of the wealth and power of autocrat and state, with the goal of achieving increased order, security and stability.[10] Having close ties with the other schools,[11] some would be a major influence on Taoism[12] and Confucianism, and the current remains highly influential in administration, policy and legal practice in China today.[13]


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