Mutilation and Regeneration

Unlike the Puritan maniacs, who would probably be against bilateral orchiectomy in such cases, believing that men simply need to “resist their urges,” I support the right of every man to get rid of his balls if the existence of his balls makes him experience sexual frustration.

However, as we see here, in such cases bilateral orchiectomy is far from an ideal solution. The ideal solution is to create the technology that allows for full organ restoration, by whatever means. Personally, I would like to have my foreskin back, even if that means that scientists in a laboratory would have to create it by growing it upon the body of a lab mouse.

Obviously, even better than growing foreskins or whole penises or testicles or whatever other organs upon the bodies of lab mice or other figurative “guinea pigs” is a futuristic organ restoration technology that can actually make the place where the missing organ is supposed to be re-develop the missing organ, ideally into a healthy (non-diseased) state. To me that seems like a very necessary technology and I hope that in the future it will be invented and used to solve problems such as those “Deliveryman” had.

I also hope that eventually people will be nicer to each other, but let me tell you: I am more optimistic about the organ restoration technology than about that.

Comment: Everybody who opposes regeneration technology should have his hands cut off and his eyes gouged out, AT THE VERY LEAST…

Many religions forbid euthanasia, many don’t. Think of Shinto, think of the religion of the Comanche. Hell is eternal, hell is eternal, hell is eternal…


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