Jack Donovan

Burn his copies of The Satanic Bibles before his very eyes. Then proceed to gouge them out. Hell is eternal.


8 thoughts on “Jack Donovan

  1. At the risk of sounding like a tinfoil-hatter “conspiracy theorist”: pedohysteria is a CIA psychological operation designed to demoralize the American public and to foster irrational fears among vast segments of society in order to legitimize and expand the intrusive surveillance state, aka the American Panopticon. Pizzagate specifically was a CIA psyop meant to instill pedohysteria into the alt-right, and it has succeeded tremendously. Because the people of America are in the majority puritans, usually Anglo puritans, such pedohysterical fear-mongering really works wonders on them; it’s a new moral panic, and it’s not at all “spontaneous,” but dictated by the tyrannical state, the very same state that raised the “age-of-consent” and illegalized “child pornography” so it could fill up its prisons and thoroughly demoralize a society composed of guinea pigs.

    Pedohysteria, just like rapehysteria, and just like feminism in general, is a CIA psyop. Look up what the CIA was up to in the 50s and the 60s to understand what it is doing nowadays. Now you are free to call me all names in the book: “conspiracist,” “nutter,” “truther,” or whatever. But I am telling it like it is.

  2. So, if you believe in organ regeneration, presumably you support his right to have his eyes regrown after being gouged out? 😉

    You’re an odd duck, oogenhand.

    Hell is eternal, though; you’re certainly right about at least one thing. 😉

  3. When you’re repeating “hell is eternal,” are you being ironic? I don’t really understand you.

    Also, if you’re Dutch, could you be traumatized by Christians? Aren’t Dutch mostly atheist liberals? Or are you from the Bible belt?

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