That it took such a long time…

A man armed with a sword stabbed a woman in Beijing’s busy Sanlitun district this afternoon.

The incident occurred at around noon, according to The Nanfang. A man, said to be in his 20s, chased the woman towards a Uniqlo store in front of the Tai Koo Mall and stabbed her with a meter-long sword. As passersby gathered around the victim, the man could be seen on video footage pacing around in the middle of the cleared-out square.

Pictures making the rounds on social media show a foreign male on the ground helping the female victim, who appeared to have been stabbed in the chest. The man is also covered in blood and was reportedly also injured.

Another video posted online shows the moment the attacker was apprehended. As police approached him, he simply placed his sword on the ground and lay down on his stomach.

The woman victim has also been identified as a foreigner, although her nationality has not been revealed. It’s reported that she died from her injuries.

Comment: It really surprises me that it took such a long time before Chinese men began to act against interracial relations…

Hell is eternal…

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