A hexadecimal system in Astoshur

0       ABUS                BOKARG

1        TAR                   TAR

2        HOD                 HOD

3        DAR                  DAR

4        KELT                KELT

5        SHOM              SHOM

6        TILT                  TILT

7        YAB                   YAB

8        HOLT                YABAM

9        NIRD                 EKHEST

A       JAK                     TAREKH

B       KHLUST            TAREKHTAR

C       DHUN                TAREKHHOD

D       GHLID               TAREKHDAR

E        ITHT                  TAREKHKELT

F        PART                 TAREKHSHOM

10      TAROD              TAREKHTILT





The first column gives the traditional hexadecimal numerals, while the right column gives the decimal translations. Note that bokarg is a grammatical plural, requiring e.g. kaaz instead of kaz.

Note also that the numerals 0, 8 and 9 have different forms although this isn’t strictly made necessary by the counting systems.


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