The Eye

chris harper mercer

Intel is the primary activity of any active organization. One has to become accustomed to gathering intel everytime one leaves the house.

Anarchists interested in improvement are encouraged to buy a digital camera. It doesn’t need to be some fancy thing. This will be a special camera – you will be the only one who sees it’s pictures.

No photo developing at Walmart, Sam’s Club, or anywhere like that. The problem is that those computers store their orders. Employees will narc on you if they ……see something objectionable. Remember the ideal – no forensic evidence, no witnesses, no motive – a ghost. Develop pictures at home or not at all.

One of the major activities at any crime scene is taking pictures – for homicides, burglaries, arson, and assault. You won’t need the kind of detailed knowledge they use. The objective is just to capture the essence of the subject. Use the information you obtain, don’t become an expert photographer.

Take picture of things and areas that interest you. Human memory often fails. Maybe the surrounding area, the way in and the way out are interesting. Often getting in and out is the riskiest part of an op.

Use your imagination. You’ll have to take most steps on your own; get used to it. The safest (and most effective!) groups today are groups of one. Work by yourself and you can be sure. I am sorry that things are this way.

Doing the above will give you new eyes. You’ll be able to see and feel more. Everytime you walk out the door, you will see opportunity. With training, preparation, and patience, you will be able to take advantage of those opportunities.

In time, the impossible becomes routine. As always, in anything, the first time is the hardest.


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