How to deal with spies


There are quite a few videos on Youtube showing young men destroying cameras. The methodology they use is similar regardless of the country they hail from:
– They work in small groups of less than five.
– They work quickly and quietly. In and out in under 2 minutes. That shows preparation, like Hamid keeps stressing, and importantly it shows one particularly good trait – ‘Decisiveness’.
– They wear balaklava, gloves and other clothes to cover themselves, to make sure they can’t be identified by other people.
– They use tools which are available to everyone: hammers, spray paints, rope made into lasoos, angle grinders, and explosives (if they can be acquired).
If you want more examples/videos of how to destroy CCTV cameras then stick ‘camover’ into a search engine and check out the links on the webpages.

From Germany, a group of Anarchists known as Camover destroy CCTV cameras in various locations by a variety of methods.

From Greece, some young men destroy five CCTV cameras in under 2 minutes. Note the paper drawing one of them drew before smashing the cameras, showing that they have good knowledge of what they are going to do.

From the UK, an audacious pair of men use an industrial disk-cutter to cut down a CCTV street camera in broad daylight.

From Finland, explosives are used to destroy a roadside camera. Unfortunately they don’t show the pre-action footage:

Finally, this page from an  ‘Indymedia’ website has a systematic list of methods on how to disable CCTV cameras.


Girtul alebka?! Kehor as pelott ferjak, kehor as tullash betaald.


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