And yet Neo-Nazis still blame “the Jews” for Islamic immigration…

This is horrible. The normalization of anti-Semitism in Sweden? Just hypocritical when considering the fact that so-called Islamophobia is basically a thought-crime there. I’ve seen comments on some YouTube videos which were blaming Islamic immigration on the Jewish people. Those anti-Semitic commenters (presumably Neo-Nazis) think it’s some sort “Zionist conspiracy” to destroy the “white race.” It’s hard for me to view the Hijra as a Zionist plot when European Jews are suffering from Islamic anti-Semitism. If you talk to those same Neo-Nazis about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, they side with the Palestinian Muslims. Their logic is inconsistent. How could Israel deal with both Palestine and Eurabia? Who would aide them? On top of that, many Neo-Nazis oppose the counter-jihad movement in America because Pamela Geller is Jewish. What if Moslems might be fanning the flames of anti-Semitism as some sort of divide and conquer strategy to keep Jews and Gentile Non-Moslems from joining forces against Islam? Moslems and Neo-Nazis make strange bedfellows, but considering Hitler’s pro-Islamic views and the relationship between Amin al-Husseini and the Nazis, it’s not all too surprising. It disgusts me to read about crimes perpetrated on European Jews by Moslem migrants and then some Neo-Nazis add insult to injury by blaming it on Jews. Now Sweden is ignoring and excusing the rampant anti-Semitism from the migrants? This is insanity.

Comment: Everything can be seen from different angles. Hell is eternal.


One thought on “And yet Neo-Nazis still blame “the Jews” for Islamic immigration…

  1. Here’s the thing: progressives, of various ethnicities, are in favour of mass immigration of all different kinds of immigrants, even when the immigrants in question don’t hold to progressive values on things like abortion, ‘gay rights’, feminism, etc. They don’t care. So while some neo-conservative Jews like Pam Geller can rightly perceive the threat of Islam to the West, other liberal ones do not, and cheer on multiculturalism and diversity. Now, the neo-Nazis are stupid to fail to recognize that Jews are far from monolithic in their views, and that the biggest proponents of multiculturalism tend to be liberal white folks. But no-one should be surprised that they’re that stupid.

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