Secular Humanist priests

Reaching the Most Intolerant Religion

SH’s have a priesthood, and very often their priests work in academia or government service. If you challenge an SH priest, be prepared to experience the consequences. They will often injure your career or engineer your firing so your faith doesn’t spread to their congregation. Your presence in their congregation may be worth putting up with the priest so your witness can affect others for the good of the Body of Christ. Antagonize the SH priest only if you have a genuine calling from the Spirit. Get the advice and counsel of other Christian friends and pastors.

Majority SH/A tribes, such as college campuses, are completely intolerant of Christians. They ostracize, berate, and engineer the firing of Christians. If a Christian comes out of the closet, academia will remove them so they don’t spread any non-SH ideology. This happens in state and local government offices, media outlets, and several other trades/tribes.

SH is pernicious, insidious, and explicitly hostile to Christianity. The have invaded the leadership of the schools, turned the into temples of SH. They legally require their religion to be crammed down the throats of unsuspecting children, often against the will of the parents. They have banned all books, sign, and symbols of Christianity from campuses. If our future, our children, are not subdued to accept their religion, the careers and futures of those children are crushed.

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