Language Creation

Example of a conlang I made:

Lan kaz yuq, lan kaz ast yawaq.
I am old, I am the old one.

Write Out of College

**Notes from LTUE 2016**

  • Think about the purpose of your created language. Is it for a novel, a TV series, or just your own pleasure?
  • Reasons to put language in a story:
    • Conflict
    • Make the setting more authentic
    • To make concepts that don’t exist in our world
    • Make the culture feel unified (e.g. names sound like they are from the same place)
    • Think about it strategically
  • Most successful insertions of conlangs (constructed languages)
    • Movies and television
      • You have subtitles so you know what they are saying
    • Be aware that the language you put in a novel will usually just be skipped over
  • Types of constructed languages
    • Naming language
      • Signals culture and keeps names consistent
    • Full languages: You could write your whole novel in the conlang
    • Because it’s fun (for linguistics nerds)
  • Parts of a Conlang
    • Sounds
    • Structure (grammar)
    • Meaning
  • Grammar and phonology
    • Sentences and how you organize them can convey…

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