The Little Black Book of Computer Viruses


I collect rare and unusual information. There is a find that may be useful to some other WNs.

It is rare to find a book that actually describes the source code of computer viruses. Most books talk about how “bad” viruses are, without showing how to make them.

This book was written in 1995. While it is 20 years old, the fundamentals do not change – in any field. And the basics are the most important.

Computer viruses are a form of artificial life. The code makes them alive. They survive and reproduce. They “want.”

The author, Mark Ludwig, has balls. He actually believes in…..….. true freedom. He’s also against the police state, which America already was in 1995. I shall have to check and see if he ever went to work for the USG, as they usually pay their lackies pretty well.

The first 18 pages are useful, even if one is not a techie:

“Putting military grade weapons in the hands of ordnary citizens is the surest way of keeping tyranny at bay.”

Below is a link to the text. Enjoy. If you find something similar, let me know and I will read it.

Click to access THE_LITTLE_BLACK__BOOK_OF_C.pdf

Comment: Needless to say, not just useful to WNs, but to everyone with an axe to grind with the USG.

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