Racism against MENA Jews in Zionist/AntiZionist circles

This is now a little more general rant than the personal one before. This
something that is really important to me to brings some knowledge into it
what MENA Jews are facing.
Basically we are inbetween.
No matter what we do and what we say, we get
attacked. One time you are a White Supremacist and then you are a Muslim
in disguise.
You call us White supremacist. And all the time who I got called that it was
from actual white persons. From people who don’t even know how it is to
suffer from it. Like try to be a brown Jew in a European country. You get
all. From antisemitism
to even islamophobia because people assume you
are a Muslim. White supremacy hurts us, don’t call us White supremacist. It
hurts us daily. Also, you need to understand the background of MENA
Jews. Our countries kicked hundreds of thousands of us out. It didn’t
happened long time ago. You can’t expect us to be AntiZionists
when you
don’t even know what trauma we are still going through?! We didn’t and
don’t have the comfort as you as a probably white American.

This all mainly came from AntiZionist circles.
You call us a Muslim in disguise. At what point are we that now MENA
Jews need to prove their Jewishness? We are Jewish as you. Not just as
white as you. And I actually think that this statements is also offensive
towards Muslims because it implies that being Muslim is something bad and

This came all mostly from Zionist circles.
I usually don’t ask for it, but I’d appreciate if this gets shared/reblogged and
would love if people add something to it if they want to. I’m also open for
discussion as long as they are not insulting.
This is something that gets forgotten way too often

Comment: Only part Jew, but the Jewish ancestry I do got, is rather darkish. So there the requested reblog. Is this a good time to revive the Judeo-Aramaic language?!

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