FBI warn ISIL hackers plan local blackouts in U.S. power grid

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Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) hackers are looking to take down the U.S. energy grid, according to the FBI.

The terror group’s hackers have attempted cyberattacks in the U.S., but aren’t skilled enough to succeed, the FBI said. Still, though, ISIL may have the cash to fund cyberattacks on U.S. targets.
“Strong intent. Thankfully, low capability,” John Riggi, a section chief in the FBI’s cyber division, told CNN. “But the concern is that they’ll buy that capability.”
Riggi said that hacking software that could threaten American power grids can be bought on the black market. The FBI said ISIL has its sights set on hacking the networks of energy companies, fuel refineries, or water-pumping stations.

Observers say U.S. energy infrastructure is vulnerable to cyberattacks from terrorists, but it is more likely the attacks would come from countries, such as China or Russia, that already have the cyber capabilities.

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