All Scientists Should Be Militant Atheists

Note the Hitler quotes.

Atheist Logic Fail


Many years ago as I was observing the patterns being created by the fanatical Dawkinite Atheists, I came to the conclusion that Richard Dawkins had been exposed to the philosophy of Hitler in grade school and was attempting to copy his strategy in order to create a revolution and force everybody into the cult of Scientism.  Long time friend of mine, Fidem Turbare, showed me this article that was published of all days on my birthday.

While I am not a fan of Kim Davis and I don’t particularly agree with her, I feel that her martyrdom was to create an implicature that draws attention to the fact we allow people we consider victims, or stupid more mercy and charity than we allow to people we hold to a higher standard.  We are more forgiving of violent Muslim extremists who want to kill us than we are of Christians…

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