Hackers can Disable a Sniper Rifle-or Change it’s Target

Very interesting, very important…

The Tactical Hermit

Welcome to the 5th Dimension of Warfare gents. We know about Sea, Air, Land and Space, now we get to truly be one of the first Generations to see how War plays out in the 5th Cyber Arena….Scary? You Bet your Ass. But if you take only one thing away from this article, don’t let it be fear, but this: Make it a point, RIGHT NOW in your life and your training to STOP depending on technology..it’s OK for it to supplement things and to be an aid, but we can never let it take the place of good ole fashioned human skill-set’s! For example, ditch the GPS and learn old school compass and map reading and oh yeah..NEVER depend on a “Smart” scope to make that accurate shot; put the time in and learn to shoot without it. If you don’t Depend on it, you can’t be manipulated by…

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