Marty Stephens, The Tesco Terrorist, Plans To Take 300 Thugs To Calais To Burn Muslim-Migrants To Death

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Meet Marty Stephens, not the brightest fascist we have come across, as he took to social media to inform the world that he was going to travel to France to commit an international act of terrorism.

Stevens, from Plymouth posted on Facebook that he is “attempting to set up a posse of at least 300 people, we will set a date and time to infiltrate calaise and sort this ignorant problem ourselves, We have french people on that side who will fasilitate with materials and equipment needed to burn out these muzrats and put and end to it all.” [sic].


It was also not the greatest move to have a picture of himself sitting in an antique’s shop wearing his work uniform, which happens to be Tescos. This photo was taken in June 2014.


Social media came back to bit him last night as his plans went viral on…

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