Innocence In Danger

Parents, you may want to think about who has their hands in your kids’ pockets.

A new (and creepy) PSA by France’s non-profit association Innocence En Danger (Innocence In Danger), features both a male and female being groped by a hand disguised as a cellphone, according to Ads of the World.

Both ads also include the tagline, “Sexual predators can hide in your child’s smartphone.”

In general, the organization works in 29 countries to bring awareness of protecting children from sexual abuse. In this campaign, the focus is on sexual predators that “hide” in your child’s mobile devices. The ad was designed by advertising agency Herezie in Paris, France.

In Canada, charitable organization Little Warriors has a similar mission to raise awareness and end sexual violence. In their 2011 annual report, the organization found one in three girls and one in six boys will experience an unwanted sexual act before their 18th birthday. On top of this, 95 per cent of victims know their perpetrators.

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