World Building Part 3: ConLang anyone?

I nowadays make languages without any world behind them, although they tend to develop a culture afterwards. Check out Kunsttaal.

Rachel Also Writes

I have been conlanging recently.

I know, I know, contentious.  Conlangs (constructed languages for those not in the know) are pretty polarising amongst fantasy writers and readers.

Some love them, viewing them as an essential part of fantasy that adds another dimension to the world, following in the footsteps of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Some hate them, viewing them as a waste of time and space that usually results in poorly disguised English gibberish .

I think neither of those things.

I’ve always been interested in language and culture and how the two relate.  I invented a lettering system, numbers, and religious rites in my own little imaginary language when I was quite young an first getting into fantasy.  It was awful, but hey, I was eleven.

To me, conlanging is a helpful part of worldbuilding.  It helps me come up with names for places (something I am awful at as I’ve…

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