Racism and Die Cis Scum

Yeah, intersectionality. Taken from math, group theory.

Char the Butcher

First uploaded February 19, 2012

Note: This is a two-part entry.  The first part in italics was sent anonymously to my tumblr.  The second part was my response.


Forgive me for sending this as a submission and not an ask, but it’s way too long and I didn’t want to whittle it down and lose the nuance. Let me start off by saying that I’m happy that the fervor over your “die cis scum” tattoo has died down, and I don’t want to pile on for the sake of piling on. However, certain things have been nagging me about it for a while, and while it clearly took me a longer time than everyone else to process my thoughts, it’s still important for me to try to engage even though it would appear the moment has passed; I’m submitting this anonymously because, even though I follow you, I don’t…

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