The most neutral way to describe things would be to state that English split in two languages, Euro-American and Afro-American. For historical reasons, Euro-American is closer to English than Afro-American, but still, there a three languages.



African-American Vernacular English (or AAVE) is a language commonly referred to as Ebonics or — as most fussy, closeted-racists call it — ‘black people speak/urban tones’. Before you start telling me that I’m crazy or sensitive, I’d like to first point out that it is a legit language that is spoken by entire communities, and is studied by many people whose degrees I dare you to challenge.

(PSA: Just don’t mess with linguists or anybody having anything to do with literature in their job descriptions, unless you’re dressed for your funeral.)

The language itself is very simplistic . . . until it isn’t. There’s tense changes and Zero Copula rules and conjugation rules you’ve got to follow and lots of other things you won’t have to worry about until you take a specific Linguistics course, or start learning about Western Cultures. (If you’d like to know more, let me know…

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