Holy Shit, Tumblr!

Transk*ke?! Transsalafist?!

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch

I fell down the Tumblr rabbit hole.

I was on a webpage for feminists(?). I can’t even think of a way to describe these feminists correctly. Militant? Feminazis? Those labels don’t exactly fit the bill. When I think of feminists, I think of women who want to be treated as equal to men and are either very vocal about it or who command respect. When I think of feminazis, I imagine women who get mad at men for holding doors open for them because it’s, “oppressive,” or some weird bullshit. But these women/womyn/humans/all others defy explanation. I monkey-barred across the links of the internet until I got to Tumblr. I then fell down the hole, and one theme was repeated enough to make me retch and go blind in one eye: White men are the answer to everything that is and has ever been wrong on planet Earth and indeed…

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