Freeware for sex change

The Mack Daddy

Transvestite or transgender? If you don't know the difference, you're in the wrong footballTransvestite or transgender? If you don’t know the difference, you’re in the wrong football.

Recently I was essayed (it’s like asked but formal and on paper)

“Online freeware and free services have become commonplace on the web as vendors like google, Facebook, wordpress and apple to increase their audience. Present a current, well known online vendor as a case study and discuss  the cost vs benefits to both the vendor and users.”

Instead of looking at a singular company I decided I would like to re-arrange the question and see a particular minority group utilising  freeware to extend not only themselves but monetary, social, health, and activism ‘benefits’. That’s just the type of confused brain I am.

I thought of the people I care about most, and looked at some of those who’d made the most difference to my viewpoints. Then I thought commercially, which means I looked at Facebook and…

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