Die Cis Scum



“Die Cis Scum” is a popular phrase among the transgender community – this is a collective threat to “cis” people (ie non-transgender people) and is primarily directed at women and feminists who disagree with the concept of transgender.

The number of transgender activists using the threat-slogan are numerous, and some (not all) are mentioned on this page. A google search of the term will verify that it is used widely.

In the words of Asher Bauer, transgender activist:

It’s not ironic. It’s not cute. It is a threat.

Rancom has a copy of the post, and a link to it. Given that Bauer, the tattooist declares “die cis scum” as a bonafide threat, the tattoo is very reminiscent of the neo-nazis and the way they proudly displayed their hatred towards others with tattoos. The baseball bat shows that the threat is credible. The threat of beating a feminist to death with a baseball bat was used by ex-transwoman Anthony Casebeer in 2011.


One blog, slignot, considers the phrase “a modest proposal” and goes on to say:

For reasons I can’t understand, people refuse to see this for what it is: apt and pointed social commentary.

The justification that transgender activists and bloggers use is that violence happens to transwomen, and therefore the response is justified in their eyes. However, the fail in logic is that the threat is primarily aimed at women and in particular, radical feminists – groups who are NOT the ones inflicting violence on transwomen (the perpetrators of the violence are men, frequently white men).

Here is the confirmation as to who are the primary targets of  “cis scum” – “radscum” is what transgender activists call radical feminists.

The trans* hordes are coming for you, radscum. Yeah, that’s a threat. Go ahead and blame it on all the testosterone I don’t even have. Oh, and die cis scum.


Twitter is not to be left out:

To me the “die cis scum” tattoo says “we expect you to hate us, and we’re going to hate you first.”

Nor is YouTube, where BlackLipstckBuxomBoy starts off the video with:

“…it’s just a bunch of people having hissy fits that their status quos are being challenged”

and finishes the video with:

“…and maybe you do deserve to die”

The tag on the video reads:

Raphael comments on the e-controversy over the popular phrase “Die Cis Scum” and tells you why all the cissies should calm the fuck down.

The list of examples is fairly endless, and the above are sufficient examples of how accepted and widespread the term is within the transgender community. Making death threats are illegal in most places, yet transgender activists believe they are above the law, even when issuing death threats to groups who have not caused them any physical harm. Either these people are bullies, or they are psychotic and mentally unbalanced.

Transgender activists campaign for anyone who has “an identity as a woman” to use the women’s bathrooms, including part time cross-dressers and “genderqueers”. Yet the transgender activists and community insist that there is absolutely no harm to women if they use our restrooms? Their threats, primarily directed at women, would indicate otherwise, for we are in their eyes, the “cissies”.



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