‘Die Cis Scum’ – The War Cry of the Abused or the Rise of Transsexism?

Social Justice is Dead

Over the last couple of months, I’ve noticed a rise in the use of the slogan ‘die cis scum’, whether on blogs which discuss trans*-related issues or on Tumblr. This simple statement, although having a very good reason to exist, evokes tons of anger from within me. I think that it’s way too hostile, and therefore it shouldn’t be used.

The reason that people justify the use of this term is actually a very good reason indeed – it’s sort of a way of combating the oppression that the transgender* community faces. Indeed, lots of horrible things have been done to trans* people by cis people just because of their gender expression, and it’s time to fight back against the cissexist society that we live in. However, it’s still wrong to say ‘die cis scum’.

First of all, this term truly does imply that all cis people are scum. Many people claim that…

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