A Modest Proposal: Die Cis Scum

I sometimes worry that we no longer teach people how to read for subtext or understand meanings when we teach about literature.  Nothing makes this more evident than when a (frankly mildly threatening) piece proclaiming supposed malice of “Die cis scum” is taken as something horrible, inappropriate and fomenting actual harm.  For reasons I can’t understand, people refuse to see this for what it is: apt and pointed social commentary.

We live in a society where trans people, especially trans women, especially trans women of color, DIE. They are raped. They are beaten.  They are abused and belittled.  Their very existence is proclaimed to be one of perversion and threat to all around them.


We live in a society where these beatings and brutalizations and murders go entirely unpunished because, as the Joker says, it’s all “according to the plan” though the plan is…

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