The Role of the Jews in the immigration crisis: some of them push for mass immigration and no border policy some others are victims of racial hatred as a revenge on the Israelis. The case of Malmoe.

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This video is shocking and it proves the necessity to do select the people who can enter and live in a Country. Jewish woman in Sweden object of daily threats from filo-palestian arabs living in the neighbourhood. Muslim neighbour, a lady, helps her and tries to console her but neither she nor the palestinian swedish immigrants who are against the crime manage to stop the muslim gangs, the swedish police excluded from it like they can’t or don’t want to do anything. And it’s not their fault, the government, the lefty government blocks them. Time for Sweden to get rid of the socialists. Now.

When in Italy we had Bettino Craxi all this mass immigration didn’t exist and we, as Italy, could select, control and eventually repatriate the “unwanted”. The communist scum who are ruling very unfortunately in this period, a dark period that must end soon, with the excuse…

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