The Mess We Get Ourselves In

Life As It Happens


So I, uhm, was doing experimental research on the Internet – way back when – way back when I first got the net installed in my studio apartment. I’d never been online and so one day, I began entering one of my favorite authors for a search term and lo and behold, I found information. Amazing.

Well, unfortunately, I got more than information. Because these were my first ventures, I actually flit through the pages and pages known as “results,” and I ended up finding some blog of which, some young woman had written a thesis on the author that I’d been researching.

This was incredible, considering the author.

At any rate, me being in the peculiar situation that I’m in with my life; that is, the rationale for why I’m single, I nevertheless have a hopeless romantic streak about me. I seem to think I’m actually going to “get…

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