Kabbalah of Vancouver and Paul Sadowsky’s Numerology: how to put your life back in order.

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Be the rabbi, not the golem.                      KabalariasBanner

The first thing you need to focus on is this sentence by John the Evangelist:

“At the beginning there was the word and the word was near God and the word was God”.

What does it mean that the word is God? It means that it’s letters that create reality, as for your life and personal circumstances it’s the letters of your name, this is why in many passages of the Bible there’s written “In the name of God” or “in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ”. The formula “In the name of” refers to the kabbalah. Many exorcists or pastors who liberate people from demons use the formula “In the name of Jesus” and so on.

While these formulas are widespread among christianity actually no christian pastor or priest can really explain why.

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