Carson’s blackness

“I really like Ben Carson, despite his religious right beliefs. His mere existence pisses off both the extreme left and the extreme right. He’s a Black man who doesn’t need handouts from White taxpayers to be successful. He’s also against affirmative action, is a member of the Republican party, and has conservative values. Those things piss off extreme left wingnuts. He’s also a Black man who has a higher IQ than most White men. That alone pisses off extreme right wingnuts.

Ben Carson 2016!”

Interesting man, yes…

Lion of the Blogosphere

In case you haven’t noticed, Carson is black. You might not have noticed because he behaves a lot more like a white evangelical Christian than a black man.

How does this affect the race? (That’s the presidential race and not Carson’s biological race.)

The evangelical right loves the fact that Carson is black. Evangelicals, more so than all other Republicans, are very saddened that people think they are racist, which as we all know is the most evil kind of person imaginable. Evangelicals believe that by supporting a black candidate, they will finally prove to everyone that they are full of Love for people of all races, and that the liberals will be so amazed that they will find Christ and support anti-abortion laws thereby preventing the murder of millions of innocent babies. Then God will reward everyone for this victory of Christianity over the forces of atheism.


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