Uneducated Church, Misguided Prayer


Church of ‘Murica, sees bible and prayer being removed from schools, but holidays are still going strong, still believes holidays are “God Approved”

You say “well they still allow the Nativity scenes” … ahem, ever heard of idolatry?

And another thing, school doesn’t need our prayers, school needs to be stopped. Its not there for a “proper” education. Its there for the purpose of brainwashing, conditioning, medicinal poisoning and preparing us to become financial slaves. Many of which a lot of people are. Then you save up to send your kids to college who still ends up in a retail or restaurant job spending half their adult lives in debt, and you wasted 30 to 50,000 dollars of your savings for that. There are some trades that college offers that only cost a few hundred dollars, everything else is a scam to keep your money going right back into the…

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