The Curious Fates of Kings: Polish Monarchy 700-1082

A very interesting country.

Worcester Cathedral Library and Archive Blog

Whenever the word Monarch is used, many of is in Britain might often think only about our own kings and queens. It is easy to forget that most European countries also had monarchs at one time or another, and their stories are often much more eccentric than our own.

One of the more peculiar collections of monarchs are those that rules over Poland – known in England by its Latin name of Polonia until modern times. The information from this post is taken from those sections of Moses Pitt’s Atlas of 1681 that deal with Polonia.

The first recognised Monarch of Polonia was the man who created the country, Prince Lechus the First (700-740). A famous myth named the “Lech, Czech and Rus” refers to three Slavic brothers, who appear together in the Wielkopolska Chronicle, a medieval account of earlier Polish history. The myth states that the three brothers…

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