Playing Defense in the Battle for Zendikar

this cage is worms

The newest Magic the Gathering set, Battle for Zendikar, will go into prerelease this weekend. What that means, if you aren’t in the know, is that people will be able to go to events and play with the cards of the brand new set before they are available for purchase in stores. It’s one of the many fun things to do, and it’s meant to give you a taste of what the set is going to be about before it begins to take over competitive limited (“build your deck at the event”) and constructed (“build your deck at home before you get there”) play.

EN_fj23ulqkulBattle for Zendikar, like all other sets before it, has people up in arms. There are a lot of reasons that people get unhappy when sets change:

  • They have finally mastered the cards in the current sets and are very unhappy with losing some…

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