Pain is Temporary …

Robert Mayer - BORN 65


Pain is temporary. It may last for a Minute, it may last for an hour, it may last for a year. But eventually, it will subside. Success, however, lasts forever.” – Eric Thomas

In our lives, we can get so caught up in the present moment that we lose sight of the fact that pain is only temporary. The success that we are fighting for, however, will last far longer.

When your alarm clock goes off at 6 in the morning, reminding you to get up and go to the gym, the pain of getting out of bed can seem too much to handle. It is so much easier to simply turn the alarm off, roll over, and get an extra hour of sleep.

But the pain of going through a morning workout is only temporary.

The person who hears that alarm, gets out of bed, and…

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