Grand Arbiter Augustin IV Duel Commander Article



 Welcome to Grand Arbiter Augustin IV Duel Commander Article!

 Grand Arbiter Augustin IV is an Azorious commander directed for a control strategy. He doesn´t have the potential to win quickly, this is a control deck with very slow win conditions. He is just a way to slow down and eventually grind out our opponents game with stax effects, while we are taking advantage from his ability to reduce blue and white spells mana costs.


 This deck is a “draw go” style, always waiting to answer. The deck is full of spot removal, counterspells and mass removal to control the board while we are drawing tons of cards. After we control the board is time to find one win condition that will be most of the times Elspeth, Sun´s Champion, White Sun´s Zenith or Celestial Colonnade and eventually Jace, the Mind Sculptor´s ultimate or beat down with one…

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