Conditional Theism Refuted

However, dishonesty is not limited to Atheists.

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empty_tomb11Conditional Theism

Many atheists tauntingly claim that they would believe in God if he unequivocally revealed himself in some miraculous display of power. This, however, just is not the case. Scripture teaches that all men are born with a knowledge of God sufficient to leave them without excuse on the day of judgment. If the inmate knowledge of God, which is self-attestingly immediate, personal, and unequivocally Divine in origin is rejected by the atheist, what makes him think he won’t also explain away the miraculous as merely a purely naturalistic anomaly? Frankly, the miracle test for the existence of God is as disingenuous as it is irrational.

Firstly, if one is an atheist, then one is a materialist. Ipso facto, any event is a “natural” event (i.e. a material cause-effect relationship that is, or eventually will be, “scientifically” explicable). Given that this is the case, what could possibly be considered…

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