A card game for gentlepeople

this cage is worms

Do you see the title that I gave this post? That’s not what Magic: The Gathering is. It’s a filth-ridden hole for thirteen year old children to crawl into and emerge as forty year old men with no lives. Magic: The Gathering is walking into a bathroom stall that is inexplicably painted with semen. Magic: The Gathering is knowing your mother is going to be dropped from a cliff, Gwen Stacy style, and swinging in to catch her just in time. Then she turns into a hyena and tears your head off, laughing a bestial laugh.

I play Magic: The Gathering. I make no excuses for its terror.

Last night I went to a semi-local (read: it was an hour away) gaming store and played some game. The populace of the store went this way: some high school kids that didn’t look like they had ever showered, a couple forty…

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