Work Visit Visa Procedure – General

First learn Arabic.

Kamran Abu Bakr

Work Visit Visa Procedure



Work visit visa is an easy way for an organization to get technical people or consultants from another country to visit their organization and assist in training, consulting on projects and bring other expertise.

In this article or blog I will explain the procedure “Generally” on applying for Work Visit Visa from the ‘Inviters Side’ and the “Invitee side”.

It is worth mentioning that different countries have different requirements for approving Work Visit Visas. Below I will explain the requirements generally.


Contract Agreement

Both the inviting company and the company providing the consultants need to have a binding contract between them attested by the Chamber of Commerce Saudi Arabia.

The contract should clearly identify both parties and that the second party (Consultant Company) is to provide consultants to the first party (Inviter Company) to perform “Blank” services for “Blank” period and for “Blank”…

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