When the first nuclear power station was conceived there was a very peaceable non-radioactive nuclear option available that didn’t use uranium



This didn’t suit the military-industrial development of our Hell-on-Earth nuclear weapons. Nuclear radiation simply rips electrons from molecules, by the way, including from our own molecular composition.

The power stations were priced-up phenomenally as if each was a diamond in the round, a scientific ruby beyond reckoning, but these were merely gross concrete sheds of an unaccustomed shape deliberately shrouded in mystery. Selling these around the world (Japan was probably obliged to purchase them from America) meant huge profits for somebody. The basic design was repeated relentlessly and yet it was unfinished – and still is. Over half a century later ‘experts’ still meet to consider the best shape for a bathtub better known as the ‘spent uranium cooling pool’. There is still no consensus. Given the Universal Law of Thermodynamics that all order returns to chaos, all must prove unsafe in the end. Would any sane horticulturist market a…

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