The way the MSM are handling Mali/Algeria/AFRICOM is distractingly MiaSMic: genocide might seem a strong word for it but what’s the real deal?

So learn Arabic.

“But I do not have to learn Arabic, they should learn French!”

“But I do not have to place cruise missiles, the Soviets should remove their SS-20’s!”

Realism isn’t the strongest point of most people in the West…


Mali is as big as Bob Marley’s heart. Algeria is equally large. The familiar Mercator Projection full-frontal Earth map underplays the proportions of Africa relative to Europe. They say North Mali is as capacious as Spain/France. After suffering an aerial attack with plenty of collateral damage the ‘al-Qaeda’ desert foxes went to earth. France has put 2,500 pairs of boots onto the sands. About 5,000 of other nation’s troops are advancing overland carrying a week or so of self-sufficiency for each of them. They are Africans but mostly better-fed ones and maybe used to a more promising environment. This is an empty place and its future is an empty space. The Sahel-Saharan surrounds can be hostile and it probably aids survival, let alone any triumphal flourishs, for foragers to have been born there. (Like backcountry Vietnam, in that respect.) The new supply of C-130’s are busy delivering; but what? Heavy…

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