Kalman Katzenelson’s encounters with Sephardic Jews

Sephardi-Ashkenazi tensions are worth looking at. As you know, my mother is 1/4th Sephardic, my father likely 1/8th Ashkenazic.

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Thanks to a commentor, who calls himself IHTG, for providing the link to a Ha’Aretz article, which includes something of an epilogue to “The Ashkenazi Revolution.”  I’ve taken the time to translate it, and I’m sure some of y’all will enjoy it, especially those of y’all who have already read the book itself. My translation is probably not perfect; there are some things I wasn’t sure of, and where I had to take my best guess. So I’m including the original Hebrew at the bottom; hopefully, other Hebrew speakers can point out my mistakes and make suggestions. WordPress isn’t designed for a right-to-left format, so the Hebrew has some punctuation anomalies.

Here you go:

The first time I met Sephardim face to face was when I was doing temp work for the “Daily Press” of Jerusalem, which was edited by Revisionists, in 1930. My patron, A.B.A. Ahimeir, warned me, “Sephardim…

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